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Music Album Art Competition

Music isn't just about the music. Of course, the sounds are surely the most fundamental component, yet you can't overlook the job of cover art in making a splendid collection. From the gatefolds of the vinyl time to pull-out liner notes in CD gem cases to the little icon on a computerized player, album art has changed throughout these years, yet it actually characterizes how we look at a collection. Photographic portraits, paintings, collages -- all to scratch, album art doesn’t have rigid rules, hence creativity flourishes.

Well, how to create album art?

  • Listen to the song & understand the kind of feelings it evokes, the story it tries to tell.

  • Look at what other album arts look like. You could even refer to old vinyl covers!

  • Try to incorporate a concept into your album art / Try to narrate a story inside that frame.

  • Add elements that compliment or enhance the mood/concept/narrative.

Cover art is as unique as your fingerprint, put your best finger forward! 

Music Album Art: Text


War & Peace

Important Dates

Registration Deadline - 05:00 PM on Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Submission Deadline - TBA

Date of Screening - TBA

Results - TBA


The best submissions will be selected by the panel of judges and awarded the I, II, and III prizes.

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Competition Guidelines

Eligibility: Classes IX-XII

There is a limit of 2 teams of 2 participants from a school.

Entries to be submitted through Google Forms. The last date to submit the photographs is Wednesday, 14 July 2021 by 5:00 PM

The participants must provide the following during the time of submission:

  • Name of School

  • Name of Participant

  • Class of the Participant

  • Email ID

Only one album art per participant is required. The artwork should have the name of the album used.

The album art should depict the story narrated in the album.

Any form of digital art (photography, photoshop composites, vector art etc) can be used to create the album art.

Use of stock images is allowed with proper permission from the creator.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification.

The submission must include all photographs/stock images, assets used (fonts etc) along with the final artwork.

Participants may use themes softwares such as  Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Powerpoint, etc.

The submission must have a square dimension. (At least 1600x1600 pixels and maximum 3000x3000 pixels).

Music Album Art: List

Event Heads

Music Album Art: Text

Ayush Sarkar

+91 8178962429

Head of Music Album Art

Music Album Art: Team Members
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