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After the success of Polaroid: Short Film and Photography Festival held in May 2020 and Polaroid 2.0 in July 2021, the Polaroid Club is excited to introduce Polaroid 3.0: Digital Media Festival. This year we you with the opportunity to interact in-person with professionals, our three day event will provide the perfect platform for budding filmmakers to display their caliber and explore their potentials. 
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Photography Competition

An expression through photography is an expression through the soul. Capturing the unnoticeable is what makes a true photographer. Photography is an amalgamation of knowledge of science and creativity within oneself. It is because of photographic inventions that we could witness the history in front of our eyes even though we might have not been present at that time.

Logo Designing Competition

A logo is a way brands can express their identity and vision through a simple yet elegant image. It helps you stand out from everyone else and brings a sense of confidence with it. Mix in your ingenuity with a little strategy and you have your perfect logo! This event aims to test the students’ graphic designing as well as marketing skills to design the most creative and catchy logos.

Music Album Art Competition

‘Try this experiment: one day go into a record store and just try to guess what the music sounds like by looking at the album cover. - DJ Spooky.’ Music has a very powerful impact on people. Although an album is all about the music it contains, the album cover is simply the face of the album which acts as the prime attraction for the listeners. It is used as a medium to tell stories, conceptualize and set the atmosphere for the album or song

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Important Dates

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Registration Deadline

05:00 PM on Saturday, 6 August 2022

Submission Deadline - Photography

05:00 PM on Thursday, 25 August 2022

Date of Event - Logo Desiging

Friday, 26 August 2022

Date of Event- Photography

Friday, 26 August 2022

Date of Event - Music Album Art

Friday, 26 August 2022


Friday, 26 August 2022

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Contact here in case of any general queries

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President, The Polaroid Club

Lavanya Chetal
+91 9990283196

Meet The Team


Ayush Sarkar

Head of Music Album Art

Ayush is a passionate and ardent self-taught video/photo editor. He started following his passion from a very young age. With his zeal for perfection, he endeavors to play around with VFX, filmmaking & graphic designing. He is a sincere & hardworking individual and is willing to follow his passion wholeheartedly.


Jhilmil Chatterjee

Head of Music Album Art

Dynamic and fervent by nature, Jhilmil is known to be an all-rounder. Diving deep into the field of music, she is a violinist and pianist. Furthermore, she is deeply passionate for photography and digital art. ever-ready to broaden her spectrum; jhilmil's versatile aura opens up new doors as she walks the path.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-22 at 9.57.25 PM.jpeg

Lavanya Chetal

Head of Photography

Persistent in her work, Lavanya Chetal is bold and hard-working. She never fails to do her duties. She is confident and dedicated to her work with creative and unique solutions to every problem. She knows what she is doing.


Neharika Manocha

Head of Photography

Niharika is a conscientious and aspiring leader who believes in becoming the best role model for her peers. She is a determined and self-motivated learner, who is flexible in her thoughts and exhibits a positive outlook which will surely help her scale greater heights. An excellent orator, she is capable of voicing her opinions even in front of unfamiliar faces.


Samarth Rungta

Head of Logo Designing

Samarth is an aviation enthusiast and a Trinity College of London certified Grade 6 guitarist. Always coming up with new ideas, he is a professional photographer and cinematographer with a number of projects in his portfolio.


Ayaan Samar

Head of Logo Designing

Ayaan is the one who remains poised and composed during turbulent times. He strives to be a supportive role model for his peers and is truly dedicated to his work. His knowledge and understanding of filmmaking is his biggest asset.

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Contact Us

Get in touch for additional information or if you have any queries about the upcoming competition.

Tagore International School
Block E, East of Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110065, India

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