After the success of Polaroid: Short Film and Photography Festival held in May 2020, the Polaroid Club is excited to introduce Polaroid 2.0: Digital Media Festival. This year we bring a variety of opportunities encapsulating some of the plethoras of specialties that come under the umbrella of digital media. Show us your vantage through your lens! Scroll down for more event related details and guidelines!




Photography - Students

A picture can capture the soul and heart. Everyone needs inspiration from time to time. Whether you are a beginner or professional photographer, no picture is perfect or trash. From photo tips to what gear is best, you learn by experience and by practicing in the field.

Photography - Teachers

Passion has no limits and Polaroid recognizes all those who want to showcase theirs. This year we have come with an event exclusively for teachers, a chance for the teachers to showcase their photography skills.


All individuals express themselves differently. Filmmaking is an activity that requires out of the box ideas and functionality. From the birth of an idea to the final editing, no film can guarantee success. Your reel is your canvas, and your brain is the artist, no colours wasted.

Logo Designing

A logo is a way brands can express their identity and vision through a simple yet elegant image. It helps you stand out from everyone else and brings a sense of confidence with it. Mix in your ingenuity with a little strategy and you have your perfect logo!

Music Album Art

Music is not just random beats put together, it's what one feels deeper than layers of skin. Music combined with art can reach hearts, so why not play around a little? Cover art is as unique as your fingerprint, put your best finger forward!


Important Dates


Registration Deadline

05:00 PM on Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Submission Deadline - Music Album Art

05:00 PM on Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Submission Deadline - Photography

05:00 PM on Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Submission Deadline - Filmmaking

05:00 PM on Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Date of Event - Logo Desiging

 11:00 AM on Saturday, 17 July 2021

Date of Screening - Photography

11:00 AM on Sunday, 18 July 2021

Date of Screening - Music Album Art

11:00 AM on Saturday, 17 July 2021

Dates of Screening - Filmmaking

11:00 AM on Monday - Wednesday, 19 - 21 July 2021


06:00 PM on Monday, 26 July 2021


Contact here in case of any general queries


Chirag Garg
+91 98104 78482

President, The Polaroid Club


Harsh Khanna
+91 99534 74939

President, The Polaroid Club

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Ms Jayalakshmi
+91 98713 19998

Teacher in Charge, The Polaroid Club


Meet The Team


Chirag Garg

Head of Film

Known for his prowess behind a camera’s lens, he’s also emerged as a coding geek. His consistency has proven to be his biggest strength. Always willing to take up responsibilities, he can be counted on even in grave situations. He believes in hard work over fortune.

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Ansh Sharma

Assistant Head of Film

Indubitably focused, Ansh is always on the lookout for doors of opportunities. He is a strong believer in distributing his knowledge and resources. Proficient at managing sources of stress, he strives to serve as a role model. His skill set is inclusive of, but not limited to, excellence in content creation and editing.


Harsh Khanna

Head of Photography

Possessor of an unconventional mind, he is charismatic, bold, a great motivator and most of all an impartial person. A self taught videographer, he is interested in experimenting hands on in the fields of photography and filmmaking. He is recognized for his accountability and finesse in all tasks he is assigned.


Shyla Sachdeva

Assistant Head of Photography

As diligent as she is, Shyla is diligent and composed with all her work. Admired by many for her artistic and creative nature, she is vehement towards photography and always aims for refinement. Recognized by her cheerful disposition, she is more like the noise in the dullness.


Lakshika Khurana

Head of Logo Designing

Buoyant by nature, Lakshika is a being of faith. Usually seen running around the school premises with bundles of papers, she is always up for an adventure. Sanguine and poised by nature, she knows how to put the pieces together just in time. With a head of brimming ideas, she is known for her creativity at her disposal.


Samarth Rungta

Assistant Head of Logo Designing

Seen smiling even when stressed with work, he has the ability to make things work on schedule. With a perfect scholastic record to his merit, he never fails to astound everyone with his photography skills. A persevering individual at heart, he is adherent of the attitude of fighting till the last breath.


Baneet Pukhrambam

Head of Music Album Art

Armed with a strong work ethic, he is always willing to take on responsibilities and deliver on his word. Naturally potent at balancing academics and extracurricular, he knows how to make things work around his little finger. His calm and composed attitude is his biggest strength in dealing with nerve-racking circumstances.


Ayush Sarkar

Assistant Head of Music Album Art

Ayush is a passionate and ardent self-taught video/photo editor. He started following his passion from a very young age. With his zeal for perfection, he endeavors to play around with VFX, filmmaking & graphic designing. He is a sincere & hardworking individual and is willing to follow his passion wholeheartedly.


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